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A question for you…

This morning, I read an exceptionally inspiring post on my fellow OmniTen-er Heidi’s blog, BananaBuzzBomb. She retold the events that transpired during her day off, an afternoon that turned from tackling mundane to-dos to dropping it all to live in the moment and go for a hike.

I’ll let her post do all the talking – but just remember to ask yourself this question every day:

Are you living in the NOW? Are you living in THIS MOMENT?
If you’re not, it’s never too late to start.

Are you living in this moment, right now?

Monday Motivation – inspiring words by L. Sepe and bumble bee photography

Today’s uplifting quote comes from one of the most beautiful ladies to ever grace the planet, Lauren Sepe. This girl has a captivating spirit that seeks out all the beauty in the world around her, which means you’d do well to follow her word.

To compliment her wise words, enjoy a lovely pair of shots I took this weekend at Railroad Square Art Park. Spring is officially upon us, and the bugs are lovin’ it.

“The pursuit of happiness is a matter of choice! If we regularly deposit encouraging thoughts in our minds, bite our lips before we begin to complain and shoot down that harmless negative thought, we will find that there is much to rejoice about. The best things in life are unexpected because there were no expectations. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference… Make your optimism come true!” – Lauren Sepe
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Monday Motivation – What are you thankful for?

Monday mornings are a love-hate event for me each week. That first half hour of being awake is always so difficult, and yet once I’m awake and out of bed, I am 100% ready to tackle the day.

Here’s a little Monday Motivation to get your gears grinding:

Start every morning with the following: “I am thankful for…”
I promise that your days will be just a little bit brighter.
– Marianne Curtis

What are you thankful for? On this damp morning, I am thankful for hot tea, and the chocolate parfait that Niko left in my fridge – and that Climbing Club is tonight!

Monday Motivation: Lady Luck!

Good morning, and good Monday! The weather may be dreary and our pant bottoms may be soggy, but our determination shall not waver during this second week of classes – or first, for all you lucky university kids with crazy winter schedules. Here’s your weekly dose of Monday Motivation to get the inspiration flowing as we charge towards another week of productivity and positivity!

“The funny thing about Lady Luck is that she likes to hang out with those who tend to work the hardest. The harder we work the ‘luckier’ we get. Let’s be great this week.”

Thank you Marianne Curtis, for supplying us with yet another wonderful quote to jump-start our week.

Monday Motivation – Be Positive!

The past week has flown by in a flurry of travel articles, holiday dinners and failed climbing expeditions. The update flow has slowed to a meek trickle, but that will all be history once 2011 comes. I hereby declare an oath of daily updates, no exceptions. Will I keep true to this promise? Only the new year can tell. Here’s your weekly dose of Monday Motivation, be positive!

“There is nothing in this world that a positive attitude cannot make a whole lot better. It’s contagious, so just start…the rest will take care of itself.” – Marianne Curtis

I really connected with today’s quote by the lovely Marianne Curtis. It reminds us that any situation can be taken in either a positive or negative light; your perception is entirely up to you. Yes, my highly anticipated climbing trip to Tennessee did get snowed out, and yes, I could be very bitter about it while flipping through photos taken by friends who did get to go climbing. Instead, however, I’m relishing in the fact that I didn’t have to camp outside in below freezing temperatures, and now have a few extra hundred dollars to drop on a new camera. Look on the bright side, folks!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Quote of the Day – Adventure Today, Write Tomorrow!

The boys trekking off towards adventure at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas, July 2010. Little did we know, swarms of harvestmen and overgrown boulder fields awaited us. (Photo by: Katie Boue)

Make today an adventure, so that tomorrow, you can write about it.”
– Josh W.

This morning I awoke to a glorious day, which was complimented by extremely kind words left by my good friend Josh during the evening. His genuine remarks jump-started what I expect to be a glorious day, and as we chatted about adventure and writing, Josh came up with this great quote.

I think our generation takes for granted the endless opportunities we are presented, and how blessed we are to be gifted the wonders of travel. We study abroad, road trip with friends and experience things that our parents could only dream of. It is our duty to embrace our blessings, and we must set forth to adventure at every chance we get! For me, the duties extend even further – it is my obligation to write about my adventures, to share the inspiration and stories with my readers.

Next up on my adventure list? Tomorrow, I’ll be driving down to Gainesville with Niko and another couple for a day of climbing at the local rock gym near the University of Florida. To top off a great day of crushing plastic, we’ll be stuffing our faces with a feast at Buddha Belly – my all-time favorite Gainesville eatery. After that, it’s off to Miami for the holidays!

chelsey marie green

Monday Motivation – Look me in the Eye!

Folks, it’s that time of week again. The weekend has left us, and all that remains is the carnage of half-finished finals projects and partially drank beers. As we gear up for this final stretch of studying before winter break, enjoy Marianne’s weekly words of wisdom:

“Monday Motivation: Look people in the eye when you speak. When you do, make sure they see an unwavering passion for life, a passion that they may need to inspire them on a rainy day.”

Later, for some real inspiration, I’ll be posting the much anticipated photographs from the miraculous rebirthing of Baby Cap, whose life we watched from his smallest stages of caterpillar life. (Click here to catch up on this amazing little creature!) After six long months of metamorphosis, and many taunts by people who were convinced he was dead, Baby Cap has emerged from his brown shelling and is now flying through the brisk Tallahassee air. It was a phenomenal experience.

Enjoy this week, everyone! The holidays are closin’ in.

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