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Long lost photography from Chattanooga & my birthday potluck!

I’ve kept you waiting long enough, so here you go readers – the long-awaited film photographs from my 22nd birthday potluck and my trip to Chattanooga have finally been developed.

I had a wonderful pair of birthday weekends, and naturally must thank my amazing friends and boyfriend for their company. My birthday potluck illustrated how many people care about me – largely folks from the rock gym, no surprise there! I can’t thank Niko enough for the beautiful weekend we spent together in Chattanooga. Twenty-two might be old, but I’m ready for another year of growing up and adventuring.

Next set of photos: my developed film shots from the FSU Climbing Club trip to Horse Pens 40 – but first, three more photographs from Chattanooga can be found by clicking the link to see more! The rest of the photos will be posted on Facebook within the next few days, and I’ll be sure to include a link to the album.

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Need weekend plans? Drive into Georgia!

Continuing with the theme of adventure, I want to encourage everyone to check out the Thomasville Farmer’s Market in Georgia. I am suffering from major roommate envy after hearing the tales of Skyla’s weekend adventures. She spent her Sunday afternoon straddled on the back of a sweet motorcycle, while winding through Florida back roads that led her into southern Georgia. Here she happened upon the Thomas Farmer’s Market, and the Market Diner – which earned her major bragging rights.

Only 35 miles from Tallahassee, this Thomasville location is acclaimed as the second largest farmers market, and even hosts an on-site restaurant, the previously-mentioned Market Diner. Skyla wooed me with descriptions of the expansive buffet’s southern-style macaroni & cheese and fresh vegetables directly from the market. Naturally, I immediately formed plans for a Saturday afternoon date with Niko to this place, so I did some research, made a few calls and have plenty of information to share.

The Farmer’s Market is open from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. A mild drive from Tallahassee, you can find this open-air venue at 502 Smith Avenue in Thomasville, Georgia. The Market Diner is located on the grounds of the Farmer’s Market, where hungry patrons can enjoy Saturday lunch and dinner from 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM. This is a great way for food lover’s to spend an afternoon; you can explore a new destination, purchase some delicious home-grown produce, then return home and cook a fantastic meal with your fresh goodies.

And in case you needed additional evidence of the Market Diner’s exceptional southern spread, check out this quote from Guidebook America:

“A hearty buffet of okra, collard greens, turnips, butter beans, black eyed peas, fried chicken, BBQ pork, cornbread and the luscious Red Velvet cake are few of the items that will tantalize your pallet.”

While you’re in Georgia, there is a bevy of other activities and attractions that will fill your day with adventure. The weekend of October 8 – 10 is home to the 43rd Annual Thomasville Fly-In, where guests will be treated to a spectacle of aircraft, helicopter rides and an airborne candy drop. Another option is a visit to Thomasville’s famous tree, The Big Oak. This towering Live Oak is more than 300 years old, and is a popular attraction amongst tourists – including my boyfriend and his ex, so let’s skip that one. Other great destinations include the old-fashioned charm of the Downtown area, the Birdsong Nature Center and dozens of naturally wonderful parks. Hop in your car, head out past the Florida state-lines and explore everything that Thomasville has to offer!

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