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You’re invited to come Save the South with Tallahassee Rock Gym and the SCC on March 19th

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the official flyer for the Tallahassee Rock Gym‘s March 19th “Save the South” fundraiser competition. If you’re a climber in the Tallahassee area, you absolutely cannot miss this great event. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, and I’ve rounded up a collection of excellent sponsors including big names like Pusher/Revolution, Evolv and Greener Grass Publishing. This means great door prizes and awesome raffle giveaways.

This spring break leaves no time for lazy days – it’s training time, baby! Whether you’re headed up north for some outdoor climbing or are stickin’ close to home near your local indoor gym, it’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming competition. The ladies are going to be where my attention is focused; we’ve got a killer group of strong women that are all climbing around the same level, so this will be a great chance to see who places first.

Why should you keep your eyes on The Morning Fresh throughout the event? TheMorningFresh.com is the only place you’ll be able to check out the complete scores listing for the competition. We’ll be posting the results after the competition, so everyone can see where they stand amongst their fellow climbers.

Save the date, and don’t miss out on your chance to help Save the South!

Update on The Crash Pad and a Peek at Tally Rock Gym’s “Save the South” benefit!

Today’s post is an update on two of my favorite things: The Crash Pad of Chattanooga and the Tally Rock Gym.

In late January, I shared my enthusiasm about a project put together to create an adventurer-friendly hostel in my beloved city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. My original post only showed an artist rendering of the future plans for the hostel.

Here’s two shots of the actual site of The Crash Pad. The first is from December 11, 2010 – not much to see besides an old pre-existing brick building covered in old tacky paint.

This next shot was taken on February 23, 2011. Now we’re talkin’! The building now seems to have all outer walls, a second story and I believe they’ve also begun work on the roof.

Awesome progress. What’s even better is that The Crash Pad has very generously become one of the sponsors for our upcoming “Save the South” fundraiser comp for the Southeastern Climbers Coalition!

What’s this “Save the South” shenanigan, you ask? Tally Rock Gym hosts an annual benefit event to raise money for the SCC, and I am working to make this year’s comp the best yet. Not only is The Crash Pad donating some awesome swag, we’ve also got some great local and climbing companies involved with our cause – Kendal Jackson Bags and Pusher/Revolution, to name a few.

Climbers, save the date. March 19th shall be a glorious spring day filled with brand new routes, awesome prizes and the usual ruckus. Oh, did I mention that The Morning Fresh is one of your lovely sponsors? I’m makin’ treats, get excited.

Stay tuned for the official event flyer, and loads more information about TRG’s “Save the South” event.

Congratulations to the climbers of FSU for crushin’ the competition at the first CCS event of the 2011 season!

While I was out catching snowflakes on my tongue at Horse Pens 40, a stellar group of climbers was representing Florida State University at the first Collegiate Climbing Series competition of the 2011 season.

The results? The ladies scored an impressive 131 points, bumping them up to second place overall. The men came in fourth place with a combined 61 points. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Here are some snap shots from the competition, which was held at Vertical Ventures in Tampa:

Special thanks to Montana’s mom for snappin’ these photos while everyone was competing

Plenty of Horse Pens 40 updates shall be heading your way – but first, I’ve got 500+ photos to edit, a sore body that needs recovering and a lunch that needs to get in my belly.

The Collegiate Climbing Series warms up for another season of competitions!

Climbers, it is time to kick your training up a notch in preparation for the upcoming series of CCS competitions. Held throughout the nation, these regional events are an excellent opportunity for climbers of all skill levels to showcase their abilities and gain invaluable insight into the world of competitive climbing.

I’ll be heading out to the February 5th CCS event, which will be held at Tampa’s popular rock gym, Vertical Ventures. This is a great introduction to the realm of climbing competitions outside of my familiar Tallahassee Rock Gym; I’ve climbed at Vertical Ventures before, so while I’ll be working entirely new routes, I’ll still feel slightly within my element.

My training for this competition officially began yesterday. There is a killer V8 that was set in the cave at Tally Rock Gym, and Niko has offered 3 one-hour massages if I can send the route by the next Climbing Club meeting. I have yet to send my first V5, but this V8 just feels right.

Warm up, chalk up, and get ready for an exciting few weeks of competitions!
For information about registration and event dates throughout the United States, check out the USAClimbing.net website.

VIDEO: Deep Water Soloing in Spain – The Future of Climbing Competitions

Last night, over macadamia white chocolate chip cookies at John and Libby’s cozy house, I was exposed to what may single-handedly be the most phenomenal exhibition of climbing on plastic holds that I have ever witnessed. This deep water soloing competition was held in Bilbao, Spain, last week. Naturally, Chris Sharma reigned champion, but the real glory is in the success of the sporting event. Thousands of spectators flocked to the waterfront, cheering the climbers on as they scaled a massive artificial wall dotted with tiny crimpers and holds that called for powerful moves.

Sharma himself asserted that this new style of climbing competitions could easily become the new standard for bringing rock-climbing into the limelight. The thrilling scene of watching muscled individuals battle their way up a complex sequence of movements while dangling over an enormous body of water transforms the art of climbing into a spectator sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. Future Olympic sport, anyone?

Check out Dead Point Magazine’s coverage of the event in this article. The piece boasts that 4000+ spectators crowded around the downtown area to catch a glimpse of this exciting display of sportsmanship. Anyone down for a deep water soloing trip?

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