The Ultimate Jacket: Review of Triple Aught Design’s Valkyrie Hoodie LT

Everyone has it: that piece of gear that you just can’t imagine life without. It’s your go-to for every occasion – the least washed, and most worn item in your closet. Like a safety blanket, it offers comfort, shelter, and a trustworthy companion for adventures. For me, this item is the Triple Aught Design Valkyrie Hoodie LT.

The Valkyrie Hoodie LT From Triple Aught Designs (TAD Gear)From the moment I opened up my first package from TAD gear, I was smitten with the Valkyrie jacket. It’s softer than butter, loaded with clever little details, and offers the perfect combination of function and style. I was instantly in love, and instantly crushed to realize that I wouldn’t be able to wear my jacket for months (I received it in June, when it was still reaching 95º on a daily basis – not exactly jacket weather).

My first trip with my Valkyrie jacket was to the Hound Ears Triple Crown Bouldering competition in North Carolina during early October. The light, yet thick, jacket kept my upper body warmly bundled throughout the chilly evenings, and on the final day of the trip, the integrated Polartec Wind Pro fabric treated with water repellent offered a cozy haven while I was apple picking in brisk rainy weather in Hendersonville.Rockin' the Triple Aught Designs Valkyrie Hoodie LT while apple-picking at JH Stepps Hillcrest Orchard in Hendersonville, NC.

Since our first trip together, my bond with the Valkyrie jacket has continued to blossom. We wake up together in my sleeping bag, we snuggle up during long road trips, and we always enjoy a roaring bonfire together. While the overall comfort and form-fitting style of the jacket is lovely, it’s the little things that really keep me coming back for more. Seriously, I wear it on a near daily basis.

Rockin' the Triple Aught Designs Valkyrie Hoodie LT while apple-picking at JH Stepps Hillcrest Orchard in Hendersonville, NC.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the Valykrie LT Hoodie:

  • The hoodie features a structured hat shape that keeps the hood up even in windy weather.
  • Thumbholes places perfectly on the sleeve seams offer superior usability while adventuring.
  • Armpit vents create breathability for hiking or long approaches to climbing areas.
  • Pockets! I’ve never been so stoked about pockets. Two big standard front pockets, which offer dual purpose with a ‘secret’ storage pouch accessed from inside the jacket. Plus two additional discreet upper arm pockets – all with D-Rings and media portsfor ear buds.
    • Speaking of ear buds, there are two little clasps along the main zipper designed to help keep your ear bud cords in place. Genius.
  • All the zippers have little “zipper garages” they are tucked into when zipped, keeping them in place and out of sight.

There’s only one negative comment I can make about these jackets: they come with little cords knotted on each of the zippers, and I’ve already lost half of them. Not really a big deal, in my book.

Triple Aught Design logoOverall, this jacket has become my favorite piece of cold weather apparel I have ever owned. With a price tag of $215, it’s definitely an investment – but it’s 100% worthy of the cost. This is the kind of jacket you have for the rest of your life. It’s sturdy, durable, adventure-worthy, and I actually look good in it.

The Valkyrie Hoodie LT would be the ultimate present for any adventurous lady. Unlike most gifted sweaters, the Valykrie won’t spend the season hanging in your closet; it will be put to good use, time and time again.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on TAD’s heavy Merino wool Vesper sweater! Triple Aught Designs also makes a heavier version of the Valkyrie LT, and I can’t wait to test it out and compare it to the lighter hoodie.

*Note: The Valkyrie Hoodie LT was provided by Triple Aught Designs for review purposes,
but all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


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