And the winner of the climbing swag giveaway is…

After nearly 200 entries, dozens of comments, and a few weak attempts at bribery, The Morning Fresh’s first ever giveaway has officially ended – and the winners have been selected by Rafflecopter. So who won the climbing swag giveaway? The winners are:

Bob Rosenbaum and Kam Altar!

Bob’s grand prize winnings come with a funny little story. Mr. Rosenbaum is a regular climber at Tallahassee Rock Gym, and has a bit of a playful rivalry going with his two buddies, Dakota and Charlie. Determined not to let Bob win, Dakota put a lot of effort into tweeting, ‘liking’, and commenting – but he forgot to enter himself in the official Rafflecopter entry form! I knew he would be enraged if Bob won, so when “Bob C. Rosenbaum” popped up as the first winner for the giveaway – I nearly died laughing. Congrats, Bob! 

Luckily for me, Bob happened to be at the Tallahassee Rock Gym‘s 17th birthday potluck and grill-out we hosted yesterday, so he collected his winnings in person – a blue Metolius chalk bucket filled with stickers and chalk, and a $25 gift certificate to the rock gym. As for Kam, she’ll be receiving a package with a sweet Stonelick chalk bucket, some Climb On! lip balm, and lots of climbing stickers. Looks like you won’t have to be sharing chalk with your boyfriend anymore, Kam! 

A huge thank you to everyone who entered – I truly appreciate your contributions and comments. Don’t worry if you didn’t win – I’ve got a great hydration pack giveaway coming up in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for more details, and keep on adventuring.


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Author:Katie Boué

Katie Boué is the voice of - a travel lifestyle blog focusing on climbing, Airbnb life, and the outdoors.

One Comment on “And the winner of the climbing swag giveaway is…”

  1. July 19, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    I’m so excited to be a part of your first giveaway! I’m thrilled to see your new venture taking off, as well. If you’re in Orange County, CA at any point, I’ll help you find some good grub and climbing gyms to visit :)

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