This week’s #ATQA Adventure Travel chat recap – “Avoiding Thirst” with the Hydration Summit

During this special edition of Twitter’s only chat dedicated solely to outdoor adventure travel, we teamed up with the folks at the Hydration Summit for a discussion about staying hydrated while out on the trail. As an added bonus, Geigerrig generously donated a hydration pack to give away to one lucky chat participant.

From favored methods of carrying water while hiking to the best ways to keep water bottles clean, this weeks’ discussion dove into every aspect of staying hydrated while outdoors. We were joined some experts in the field, and everyone came away from the conversation with some new knowledge, and a few new items to add to our gear wish lists. Check it out:

Q1: How do you keep hydrated on the trail?

@JillianLaura: “A1: Well, thanks to a total lack of gear, I opted for bottles this past weekend. Even with rationing almost ran out! #atqa

@valinreallife: “A1: I’m always sucking down h20. Use a bladder to keep things easy, esp. for the little Camp Granolans. #ATQA

Q2: Take a side on the great hydration debate: bottle or bladder?

@JennyWillden: “A2: I love bladders in a hydration pack! It keeps the water cool and keeps hands free for scrambling. #ATQA

@AmericanSahara: “A2: Using bottles for many years. Have a bladder pack that I occasionally use. Currently shopping for a bladder for motorcycling. #ATQA

Q3: Favorite supplements or enhancements for water?

@OMEGAM4N: “A3: I like my water to have as little as possible in it. I tend to remove things from water instead of add. #ATQA

@RamblinBears: “A3: we used to make a lot of after-hike “ultimate refreshers” Gatorade powder, watered-down, with Emergen-C added #ATQA

@DavidECreech: “A3: Best mix is hydration salts from @adventuremed and a diluted sugar drink like powdered kool-aid. #ATQA

Q4: Ever run out of water while on the trail? How did you handle the situation?

@DoctorM: “A4: I’ve never run out of water! The problem is bringing too much and regretting it. Thinking of taking a @PurifiCup #ATQA

@TrailSherpa: “A4: Sure have but I knew where my sources were. Just an uncomfortable hike to the refill. I always try to carry more. #ATQA

@AvFanBarb: “A4: I just got a Sawyer squeeze that I keep in my pack, just in case. #ATQA

Q5: Water bottles: plastic or metal?

@valinreallife: “A5: I’ve got both. No clear winner for me. #ATQA

@JennyWillden: “A5: Stainless steel at home or work, plastic on the trail because it’s lighter. Love Camelbak Stainless Steel bottle! #ATQA

@Reasons2Ride: “A5 Metal. #ATQA

Q6: Do you use a filtration system, or carry your entire water supply?

@thatguysgarage: “A5: I use plastic now but am looking to get some 64oz @HydroFlask for my emergency adult beverage kit. #ATQA

@DoctorM: “I prefilter my water and add it to my bottle or bladder. That may be changing soon though. #ATQA

@overlandexpo: “Q6: Hi everyone! We usually carry as much as we can with filtration as backup #ATQA

Q7: How do you determine how much water to carry?

@themorningfresh: “A7. Honestly, I kinda wing it. Need to start planning better. #ATQA

@AdvInspired: “A7: I’ll carry a minimum of two liters for a day trip, but other than that, I’m with @themorningfresh – I wing it! #ATQA

Q8: How do you keep your bottle or bladder clean? Any tips to share?

@BigPictureYYC: “A8: Dishwasher for the bottle, hot soapy water for the bladder. #ATQA

@3UpAdventures: “Baking soda and warm water. Shake and let sit over night. #ATQA

@OverlandExpo: “A8: We switched to steel for vehicle travel; baking soda scrub=best, non-toxic. Nalgenes stay pretty clean with same wash #ATQA

Q9: How much are you willing to spend for a water bottle? For a bladder? For a pack with a bladder? 

@OatmealBowl: “A9: if i need it and it has great reviews from y’all… i am willing to pay the price. ;) #ATQA

@TrailSherpa: “Q9: I’ll spend anything. It’s the most valuable piece of gear for me in the desert. Gear failure could be catastrophic. #ATQA

Q10: What features do you look for in a hydration bladder? 

@DavidECreech: “A10- durability…failure is NOT an option… #ATQA

@JennyWillden: “A10: A turn-off on the bite valve so it doesn’t leak everywhere! Quick disconnect is nice for cleaning. #ATQA

Q11: Do you have sport-specific hydration systems? Recommendations?

@TrailSherpa: “I like the Shuttle from @Geigerrig for use with motorcycles. #ATQA

@RamblinBears: “A11: No but we made DIY fleece sleeves and tube covers for XC-skiing. Use with warm water. #atqa

Do you have anything to add to this great conversation? Sound off in the comments!

Answer the chat questions, contribute your own thoughts – and join us next week on Wednesday at 5 PM (EST) for another great #ATQA Adventure Travel chat on Twitter!

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