Oh, hey – I’M GRADUATING IN FOUR HOURS! Photos and live video galore.

Wow, how did that happen? Fast-forward through four years of Florida State University, and suddenly I have a cap and gown sitting in my room, waiting for my 7:30 graduation ceremony. I spent the morning as usual, munched on bacon and avocado sammies for lunch, and now just four hours away from graduating, I’m totally losing my mind.

My parents are opening up a bottle of prosecco, and while I celebrate, I’ll share a few of my favorite graduation photos that I have taken over the past week. For all my fans (haha) that couldn’t make it to the ceremony, you can watch the Florida State University Commencement Ceremony online! Anyways, enjoy.

Thank you for all the kind words, letters, comments and love. The biggest thank you as I graduate belongs to my parents, the most amazing people on this planet. Without them, I would be no where. I am so blessed. Next time you see me, I’ll have a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, baby!

Congratulations to all my fellow graduates, and to the class of 2011. After four years of all-nighters at All Saints, chugging watery beer at The Strip, and having to be on time to class even after the FSU Alert commands you to stay inside – WE DID IT!


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Author:Katie Boué

Katie Boué is the voice of TheMorningFresh.com - a travel lifestyle blog focusing on climbing, Airbnb life, and the outdoors.

7 Comments on “Oh, hey – I’M GRADUATING IN FOUR HOURS! Photos and live video galore.”

  1. dena
    April 29, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    we love you!!! Congrats!!!

    • April 30, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

      Thank you, Dena! I texted Jenny when I graduated, and of course she replied with “It would have been better if you graduated from UF, but I guess congrats anyways,” haha!

  2. Doris
    May 1, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    Nicole & Jackson ARE NOT HOME. They were spotted in Georgia, but they are still on the run!

    • May 1, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

      A) That is entirely irrelevant to this post about my graduation from Florida State University – which was lovely, fulfilling and absolutely empowering, thanks for asking! B) Did you even read what I wrote in my ‘open letter’ update? I am fully aware – my exact words were “Jackson Powell and Nicole Dones have been found in Georgia, and while the teens are not yet home..” I disabled comments on that post because too many people like you were clogging my site with your pointless remarks. Thanks.

  3. Ricky Di
    May 1, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

    I’m gonna miss you most of all, Scarecrow.


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