The Collegiate Climbing Series warms up for another season of competitions!

Climbers, it is time to kick your training up a notch in preparation for the upcoming series of CCS competitions. Held throughout the nation, these regional events are an excellent opportunity for climbers of all skill levels to showcase their abilities and gain invaluable insight into the world of competitive climbing.

I’ll be heading out to the February 5th CCS event, which will be held at Tampa’s popular rock gym, Vertical Ventures. This is a great introduction to the realm of climbing competitions outside of my familiar Tallahassee Rock Gym; I’ve climbed at Vertical Ventures before, so while I’ll be working entirely new routes, I’ll still feel slightly within my element.

My training for this competition officially began yesterday. There is a killer V8 that was set in the cave at Tally Rock Gym, and Niko has offered 3 one-hour massages if I can send the route by the next Climbing Club meeting. I have yet to send my first V5, but this V8 just feels right.

Warm up, chalk up, and get ready for an exciting few weeks of competitions!
For information about registration and event dates throughout the United States, check out the website.


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