Video of the Day: Climbing ‘The Orb’ (V8) at Rocktown

Well, I have already blown my New Years resolution of posting every day, oops. To compensate for my lack of posting, here’s a sweet video of Mike McClure sending ‘The Orb’ V8 in Rocktown. I’ll be heading out to Rocktown for the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday next weekend, so there will be plenty of photographs and videos to get your blood flowing and your fingertips sweating.

This route is a favorite amongst my climber buddies, who have all projected this beautiful route. Niko is dying to get his paws on The Orb, as well as his ultimate project, The Vagina (V8). Personally, I’m looking forward to sending Police Brutality (V4). I worked it briefly during a trip last spring, but lacked the motivation to finish the route. That’s all changing this trip, baby! Enjoy the video, readers.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading out with a few friends to do some outdoor climbing around Tallahassee. There are a few buildings with routes on them, and apparently a park near a friend’s house that has a handful of sweet problems. Pictures, and possibly videos, shall be posted shortly after my adventure!

Keep exploring, readers.


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3 Comments on “Video of the Day: Climbing ‘The Orb’ (V8) at Rocktown”

  1. devon
    January 10, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    Can you give some more specific info on where you went outdoor climbing in tallahasee?

    • January 10, 2011 at 11:48 am #

      To be honest Devon, I am not entirely sure of the specifics. I know that there are a few routes around Florida State campus, including one that runs up the tunnel near the stadium. A few friends that live near the Myers Park have come across a handful of routes around that area, I believe near the playground and a few other places.

      There is also a beautiful crack up the side of the Woodward Garage near the Union of campus that my boyfriend has been drooling over for weeks, but I think that’s going to be a major feat to accomplish.

      I have also heard rumors of ‘bouldering’ about two hours out of Tallahassee, but I have no proof to back up these outrageous claims.


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