Monday Motivation – First of 2011!

Happy Monday, folks! It’s been a bright and early day for me, heading to Florida State University campus at 8:00 AM to escort Niko to his transfer orientation and visiting a slew of advisors. After three and a half years of hard work and studying, I have earned myself a breezy semester with only two classes before my spring graduation! I’ll be taking Spanish II and Intro to Hospitality – other than that, my life will revolve around writing, photography and working towards full-time employment at my job. Here’s a little Monday Motivation to get everyone aboard my train of positive vibes:

“Goals and resolutions are important in 2011. However, just remember that our success will ultimately turn on our ability to make continuous good decisions on the smaller things in life. In other words, each moment matters, so stay present.” – Marianne Curtis

Get ready to tackle the spring semester, students. Everyone else, have a beautiful week and remember to stay present in each little moment.


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Author:Katie Boué

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