Meet Sender, the New Climber Pup!

During our adventures in Tennessee and Little Rock City, the crew found many things. We found abandoned brushes for dusting off holds; we found a set of car keys in the boulder fields; we even found a cool group of climbers called Dyno’Mos – Georgia’s premiere queer climbing organization! The most amazing find, however, was our crew’s new official mascot, Sender.

Every morning before heading out to climb, we made a ritualistic pit stop at the Kangaroo gas station located at the bottom of the mountain. I developed a tradition of buying a 99 cent pack of sour gummy worms, and everyone else stocked up on coffee. On the last morning, we made our final stop at the familiar gas station. While waiting for everyone to finalize their purchases, I met a sweet stray dog with a gray muzzle and big, warm eyes. She immediately responded to our affection, and was charming without being overeager. I wanted her.

We sent Jeff inside to ask the attendant about this mysterious pup – how could such a loving dog be left out in this wet, cold Tennessee morning? Apparently, it isn’t uncommon for people to abandon dogs in the nearby area, and lovely Sender was left homeless at the Kangaroo. Jeff stepped outside of the station, threw his arms open and yelled “Come on baby, you’re coming home with me!” Sender ran into his arms like they had been pals for years. It was one of the most beautiful man/creature moments I have ever witnessed.

It didn’t take much convincing before Sender was wedged up in between Chris and a crash pad in the back seat of Jeff’s Jeep. Her official naming occurred over breakfast at Cracker Barrel – another climbing trip tradition. First we toyed with the name ‘Cruxie,’ then considered the slightly controversial name ‘Beener’ before settling on ‘Sender.’ She’s the Rock Gym pup now, and had a blast at the Climbing Club meeting last night.


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Author:Katie Boué

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4 Comments on “Meet Sender, the New Climber Pup!”

  1. Rosa
    November 16, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    This is the sweetest thing Katie!! I got teary eyesss so beautiful as always…. Im so proud of you guys

    • November 16, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

      I teared up writing it, it was such a beautiful moment when Sender went running into Jeff’s arms – like from a mushy movie.


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