Little Rock City TOMORROW – Meet the Climber Line-Up!

Our climbing trip departure is lurking closer, and the anticipation is mounting. To prepare you for the phenomenal photography that shall accompany my return, I wanted to introduce you to ‘the climbers.’ There are over 20 adventurers joining us on this journey into the Tennessee mountains, but I’ve singled out the top athletes for your viewing pleasure. These boys are the cream of the crop, with bulging muscles and sexy calloused fingertips. Ladies, enjoy. Fellas, try to keep up. (Feel free to skip to the bottom of the post to dig directly into the photos!)

First, we have my all-time favorite climber boy: Steve Strickland. Not only did he place 7th in the nation this year, he’s a veritable legend at the Tallahassee Rock Gym. Honestly, he’s the reason I was dying to get my hands on a quality camera for the trip. His movement is graceful, his body is streamlined, and he makes for an ideal photo subject. He’ll be abandoning me in favor of the Colorado mountains in January, but I’ll forgive him one day.

Next, meet the charming Nicholas Douso. This climbing powerhouse currently resides in Orlando, but he lived up in Tallahassee during the summer months to work as a restaurant manager-in-training. He’ll be joining our crew for the trip, along with his girlfriend – who allegedly crushes as well.

I have yet to meet some of the other advanced climbers we’ll be spending the weekend with, but their talented reputation has already preceded them. I can’t wait to meet the infamous Mark, who is supposedly going to inspire Steve to climb harder than he ever has before.

As for the rest of the crew – these guys epitomize the climber lifestyle. We have Jeff, the reckless, ridiculous kid who always knows how to make me laugh. The photo I captured of him climbing at Rocktown with a cigarette dangling from his lips sums up his entire personality. He’s absolutely wild. Then there is Matt Wood, proud owner of the most glorious beard in existence. He moved out near Atlanta last year, but has been meeting us for climbing trips throughout the southeast.

My fellow lady climbers are Carden, Cealey, Raychel and the other Katie. I may be the most experienced of the females, but don’t be surprised if these girls put me to shame this weekend – they’re new to the sport, but their passion is blazing. Another individual with a newfound drive for climbing is the clever Chris Lane, who realized his yearning for outdoor climbing during our trip to Horse Pens 40. Additionally, we have Erick Delgado, another kid who came into the rock gym with mild curiosity, but has transformed into a die-hard climber.

I’ll be riding up with Niko, Steve, John and Libby. I don’t think I need to explain how talented Niko is, but I’ll include some photos to humor you. In short, he’s a beast. I can’t forget John and Libby, the unstoppable couple that appeared at the Tally Rock Gym a few months ago, and have been revolutionizing our climbing styles ever since.

Get ready kids, it’s going to be one hell of a weekend.


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