New Climbing Shoes for my Upcoming Trip!

Reason #4659 that I need to move to the mountains: There are hardly any fully stocked climbing gear shops in the Florida flatlands. Niko bought me a pair of La Sportiva Katanas for my birthday, but we had to order them online. Naturally, after days of restlessly waiting for my package, the damn shoes didn’t fit. To add insult to injury, Al’s Sports in Utah informed me that it would be weeks before they could ship my proper size – a very tiny 4.0!

Frustrated as I was, this was a blessing in disguise. I came across the modified lace-up version of the Katanas, and have ordered myself an itty bitty pair of men’s shoes from Summit Hut in Arizona. They’ll be arriving on Monday, November 8th. Just in time for my upcoming climbing trip to Little Rock City in Tennessee. We’ll be spending Wednesday evening through Sunday morning out in the boulderfields, and I’ll be sporting a beautiful new pair of shoes. Check ’em out:


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Author:Katie Boué

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