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Keeping with the good vibes from last night’s backyard bonfire and the hype building up for the climbing club trip to HP40, this image seemed quite appropriate tonight. Niko and I spent a few hours wandering through the beautifully-lit grounds of Florida State campus after Yeasayer’s outdoor performance on Friday night, and we discussed the idea of wasting the present while waiting for the future. Everyone seems to be in a rush to reach some end, forgetting to appreciate the moment you’re in.

Niko taught me a good lesson in this subject as we walked hand-in-hand through ‘my’ side of campus – the area surrounding the english and humanities departments. He stopped to sit at a bench beneath a huge staircase under Williams building, and I realized that I completely overlooked the spot. The bench’s cushion was old and cracked; I had passed it a million times on my way to class, same old bench every time.

I wanted to keep walking, but Niko made me take a seat and look out at the trees illuminated by street lamps. It was absolutely beautiful. I had never given this spot a chance, and was always too busy thinking about my ultimate classroom destination to care about this perfect bench that I so frequently passed. As we watched the branches of a giant Magnolia tree shiver in the breeze, Niko taught me to appreciate the moment.

Next time you’re engaging in your daily routine, take a moment to slow down and embrace the simple treasure that has been waiting, right in front of your face. Sit down on that cracked, old bench. Stop for some barbecue at that roadside stand. Take a chance, it’s probably worth it.


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