Baby Bleu needs a home!

Readers, I need your help. This beautiful pup is Bleu, and we need to find him a home before he’s forced to be put to sleep. This gorgeous Havarnese is six years old, and completely caught up on all his shots. He is the pride and joy of my good friend Taylor, who is begging me to help find him a home. We don’t have very much time, and it would absolutely crush me to see such an amazing dog be put to sleep over a silly accident. I’m really picky about animals, but I adore Bleu – he is sweet and playful and full of love.

Taylor moved back home after graduation, and found out the hard way that Bleu was not used to small children. His parents have served him with an ultimatum – find Bleu a new home by the weekend, or put him down. I promised to help him find a loving college student who could give Bleu a new loving place to stay. It would be a tragedy to see this beautiful creature be needlessly put to death. Please help us spread the word!


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Author:Katie Boué

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