Social Commentary – It is NOT boot season yet, ladies.

Let me preface this by asserting that I am a huge fan of boots. My two trusty pairs are nestled in the ‘winter’ section of my closet, itching to be worn – but the time has not come yet, my friends. Right now, we are in the midst of I’m going to call ‘seasonal puberty.’ We’re in that awkward in-between stage, transitioning from our youthful summer shorts and dresses to a more demure winter uniform of scarves and coats. Much like regular puberty, everyone seems to be hitting the changes at a different rate. I am endlessly amused by the contradicting sight of girls decked out in boots and long scarves walking alongside ladies wearing flip-flops and shorts – and don’t even get me started on the fools that combine shorts with boots, are you serious?

I’m talking about the overeager fashionista. She’s had her precious boots tucked away in her closet for six months now, and is absolutely dying to bust them out. Even though it’s going to be 80 degrees once her 12:30 class lets out, she is going to rock those damn boots. Here’s my question to you, overeager fashionista: Aren’t your feet sweaty? Doesn’t the midday heat remind you that it’s not yet time for boots? Yes, it’s pretty damn cold at night and brisk during the mornings, but we’re still reaching temperatures in the high-80s during the day – so relax.

Ladies, put your boots away until it’s actually cold outside. You’re about to dive head first into five straight months of merciless winter conditions; hold onto your summer style as long as you can. Boys seem to have the right idea – they remain unphased by these changes in the weather, trucking onwards in their t-shirts and khaki shorts. I finally gave in to wearing pants this week for the first time since April, and am already missing my life as a pantless summer bandit.

Let us not forget the months we spent begging the sun to warm our faces; are you really prepared to give that all up for another half of a year? In a month, you’ll all be wishing you could still wear your pretty summer outfits while the unforgiving Tallahassee winter sets in and turns us all into popsicles. Your boots will have their time to shine, but honey, it ain’t yet.


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Author:Katie Boué

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2 Comments on “Social Commentary – It is NOT boot season yet, ladies.”

  1. AK
    October 5, 2010 at 11:17 pm #

    Haha I really like this one. Today I chilled on a bench for awhile comparing people’s reactions to the new coolness. I admit that I jumped the gun and wore my thick jacket to school yesterday – and regretted it. I am happy to wear jeans without sweating my ass off though.


    • October 6, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

      I am slowly – read: VERY slowly – warming up to the idea of pants. I am however seriously lovin’ my socks while I sleep, but it is so damn hard to get out of bed when it’s cold. Purple carpet room will be lovely with some thick socks and pajamas.

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