Caterpillar Update

This morning we had a breakthrough with Baby Cap!

I was moving his host fennel plant outside, because it was growing limp from a lack of sunlight (thank you, Tallahassee weather). Baby Cap had inched his way to the very top of the enclosure, so the swaying of the weakened fennel stalks agitated him. That’s when I noticed his little orange osmeterium flaring out of the top of his head, flashing a wormy, forked warning. He is growing so fast, I can’t wait for him to pupate.

I’m going to go pick up a new host plan for Baby Cap sometime today. The poor fennel plant I bought him hasn’t fared well at all in this dismal weather, and I’m afraid that the few hours of sunlight it got this morning won’t be enough to spur it back to life. The last thing I need is my baby caterpillar being undernourished right before he molts.

I promise to post photos of Baby Cap and his enclosure as soon as possible. I’m weary of using a flash on him because he is so sensitive in his larval stage. Niko and I might build a larger enclosure this weekend with some great new wire we found in his garage, which is much more malleable than what we previously used.

Time to go pull the little muncher back inside before the afternoon rain picks up again. PS: Has anyone checked out the weather forecast for Tallahassee? My iPhone shows a week of straight thunderclouds. Where’s my summertime sunshine?


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