Nature Walks

Yesterday, we started a new family tradition at 2208 – family nature walks. Our secret garden house sits about two blocks away from San Luis Park, which is one of the most fabulous parks in town. The nature trails sprawl for miles through wooded forestry and alongside a lake that typically boasts a population of friendly turtles, but is currently muddied with pollen. Our crew of adventurers included myself, Skyla Veltman, Brooke Morrison, Niko Montiero, and an extremely reluctant Patti Murphy. And of course, miss Daisy.

We set off towards the early evening and followed the sidewalk of Solana Avenue to where it bends at San Luis Road near a heavily vegetated trail entrance. As soon as Patti laid eyes on the muddy red clay path, she wanted to head back. She and Brooke spent the majority of their walk lost in the woods after they decided to turn back and ‘go home’ as the rest of the clan trekked deeper into the park.

Niko and Daisy ran off together in a flurry of bouncing hippie hair and Corgi fur, leaving Skyla and I to trip down the path as we admired the fungus that was freshly blooming on rotting trees in the aftermath of a recent rainstorm. The baby frogs were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Even Daisy grew unphased by them. I would try to scoop up a little body in my fingertips, and then another one would just hop right in.

It was a really beautiful time. So lovely in fact, that I took Daisy on another walk this morning, just her and me. This time I was wise enough to bring my camera – below are the results. These were taken with my usual Sony PowerShot, but last night we finally got some film for Jeff’s old 35mm, so I can’t wait to practice shooting for our road trip.


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One Comment on “Nature Walks”

  1. The Mom
    July 25, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    Aren’t you glad I encouraged you to play with bugs as a kid?

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